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Technology has changed the way we travel immensely. Rather than using travel agents and planning trips months in advance, travelers can set out on a worldwide adventure using only the phone in their pocket. The following is a list of the most helpful apps to make the most of every trip.

Planning a Trip

Never over or under pack again. This app will generate a packing list based on travel plans. It takes into consideration what travelers will be doing, how long they’ll be gone, and what the weather will be.

Using booking confirmations and other traveling information, Tripit organizes the trip and generates an itinerary for users.

Google Trips
Create a well thought out itinerary or every trip. This app eliminates the need for multiple apps when thoroughly planning and upcoming trip.

Save Some Cash

Users can buy or sell their non-refundable rooms they are unable to use. Travelers save money by purchasing a room or regain money by selling an unusable reservation.

Deal Ray
This app alerts users to the cheapest flights. It sends notifications of price drops, error fares, and flash sales.

For travelers who are booking ahead of time, Hopper is a great way to save some money. Once a flight is searched, the app will tell the user to either wait or buy now to get the best deal. If users are told to wait, the app will send a notification to buy once the flight hits its lowest price.

When traveling with a group, often travelers will split expenses throughout the trip. Splittr easily splits these expenses, no matter the currency, so users can worry less about money and more about adventure.

XE Currency
This app converts currency with the most up to date conversion rates. This makes it easy to budget while in another country.

On the Road

Google Maps
This is an app most people already have on their phone. Google Maps is a great tool for navigating, planning routes, and even finding nearby businesses.

Planning a long route with multiple modes of transport has never been easier. Rome2Rio shows train, bus, driving, and flight options including estimated travel time and fares.

Waze uses GPS and its many users to generate data about traffic patterns, making getting stuck in traffic a thing of the past.

This app has changed the way people get around. Travelers without access to a car no longer must pay for a rental or hail a taxi. This app makes it quick and easy to catch a ride.

This is the perfect app for getting the most out of traveling. It works as most map apps do, showing routes and nearby businesses. However, it offers much more information, like departure times and disruptions and Uber integration in the app.

In the Air

For those who never seem to be in the same time zone for more than a day, Circa will help to keep track of the time in multiple time zones. This makes planning adventures, meetings, and appointments around the world a breeze.

App in the Air
Keep track of flights to avoid long waits at the airport due to delays and cancellations. This app does a great job of tracking flights and updates very frequently.

Stay the Night

Air BnB
There is no better way to explore a city than to live among its residents. Rather than staying at a hotel, Air BnB allows travelers to rent a room or entire home for an authentic traveling experience.

Hotel Tonight
This app allows the user to book a room in the city of their choosing without prior notice. It will create a list of rooms available within a few hours, so travelers are never left without a place to rest.

Keep in Touch

This Wi-Fi-based messaging system is perfect for connecting with people around the world. Since most countries don’t use SMS, this app is a must for texting in other countries.

Learn a new language or brush up on old skills. This app is designed to make it fast, fun, and easy to learn a language, so travelers can better understand the locals.

Google Translate
Rather than having to guess what signs say in a foreign land, travelers can use Google Translate to translate unfamiliar words quickly and efficiently.

Making international calls just got easier. Webtel uses local landlines to get the best calling rate for out of country calls and doesn’t require the use of Wi-Fi.

Dining Out

Travelers can find the hottest restaurants in the area with this app. It also allows users to pay using the app.

With millions of reviews on everything from restaurants to rest stops, this app will ensure that travelers know what to expect from businesses.

Useful Extras

Travelers won’t be caught without an umbrella with this app. It offers up to date weather information from across the globe in an easy to use application.

Using the internet abroad can be dangerous. Travelers can secure their connection using TunnelBear. It will hide the IP address by using a VPN and ‘tunneling’ the network to another country.

Live Trekker
Travelers can look back on every second of their trip with this app. It tracks the route of travelers on the in-app map and allows users to add journal entries, photos, and videos throughout the trip.

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