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Large water bodies in desert environment are scarce, and often come into existence as a result of human effort to solve basic problems caused by water shortages in such areas such as drought of farmland, and shortages in the supply of water and food. However, humans being humans always look for ways to squeeze out as much utility as they can from such rare man-made natural resources, which created the need for government to preserve them in order to ensure their sustainability. Sand Hollow Reservoir is just one of several reservoirs that have been put in place to solve basic water supply shortages problems to farmlands around. However, this reservoir covering an area of 1,300 acres with an elevation of 3,060 feet in Southern Utah, has managed to catch the interest of scholars, tourists, adventurers and sportsmen alike, who come there often to enjoy fishing, water skiing, swimming and camping among other activities, in and around the area. Sand Hollow State Reservoir is found in protected by government within the confines of Sand Hollow State Park.

visit sand hollow state park

A visit to Sand Hollow Reservoir would speak for itself, why so many people are attracted to this water catchment. The reservoir is well placed in-between bright brown colored stones which have been carved by nature as if it had been according to specifications of a skilled architect. The combination of blue colored waters amidst the beautiful throne-like shaped rocks, creates a scenario that is worth attracting people from all over the world with an eye for beauty.

Fishing for food and sometimes for sports in these waters also attracts various people with different levels of experience. If you have very little or no fishing experience, then Sand Hollow Reservoir is definitely a good training ground wherein you can obtain the necessary fishing skills you need before visiting more challenging waters. With a little practice on casting techniques, time investment, and probably building a good acquaintance with your fishing rod and reel, you may just get a taste of the feeling of accomplishment and joy that accompanies a catch of Largemouth Bass, or Bluegill, which are the main species of fish that are found in Sand Hollow reservoir. It is no doubt that you would have a wonderful fishing experience in Sand Hollow Reservoir, but you are required by law to decontaminate your boat or any other fishing gear that you might have used in the reservoir before attempting to use it in any other water body. Decontamination is usually done free of charge in via the Division of Wildlife Resources. This is because Invasive Mussels have been spotted in Sand Hollow Reservoir, and it is therefore necessary to minimize the probability of its spread.

Other recreational activities such as skiing, swimming, and boating in the area are also done during the warmer season, which usually coincide with warm-water fishing periods in the reservoir. As a result, the reservoir is always active with fun activities almost all year round. ATV rides are also available, and you can take a fishing break while you continue the fun with an exciting ATV ride in the available ATV trails.

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