Hiking in Southern Utah With Your Dog

St. George & Surrounding Areas

Most people view a dog as their closest friend and the best canine companion and thus taking a hike with the dog would prove to be adventurous. Going for a hike during fall season where there is a beautiful scenery of colors changing is something that hikers love doing but it can also serve as the most appropriate time to spend ample moments with your dog. Exploring the beauty that comes naturally in the country is also something that dogs would really enjoy thus hiking with this pet is worth it. Though hiking is a great adventure but it also comes with its fair share of cons which includes exhaustion due to a lot of heat, possibility of falls and also chances of getting lost.

hiking with your dog in southern utah

Therefore, there are several tips that should be put into consideration to ensure safe and fun filled hiking. And more so safety tips when going out for a hike with your dog will include:

1. Use Appropriate Leashes
Leashes are important since they will ensure extensive open spaces but if the hiking is in wooded places, it is advisable not to incorporate the leads during hiking. This will save you the agony of untangling the dogs leash and ensure your hiking to the maximum.

2. More Fluid Intake
When going hiking with your dog it will be necessary to carry along adequate water for the both of you to keep away dehydration. Avoid your pet drink water from other sources like ponds or lakes since the water may not be safe for drinking since it may contain toxins that will eventually interfere with your dog's health.

3. Identification Cards
Carrying along identification cards is necessary. It is always wise to attach your recent contacts information which is inclusive of your mobile number to your dog's collar. In any case the pet strays away and gets lost this will be helpful in contacting you and you can be assured that the pet will be returned to you.

4. Updated Vaccination
During hiking you may never know what may crop up thus its always necessary to ensure that the dogs veterinary records are up to date. Check your pet's veterinary records and make sure his vaccinations are up-to-date.

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