Southern Utah Hiking Essentials

St. George & Surrounding Areas

Summer time best time to explore nature and go for a hike. While the sun shines, it is easier to find friends who would love to come along. It would be more fun to hike on the slope of the mountains when you are with your friends. But before you go on with this outdoor sport, you need to make sure you are fit enough and prepared to face the physical challenges of hiking. Likewise, it is necessary that you dress appropriately.

southern utah hiking essentials

1. Load With Lots of Water
Drink enough water before you start hiking and bring more than enough with you. You can avoid getting humid and exhausted when you are properly hydrated. Make sure you drink water from time to time.

2. Trek With Treats
Whether it's wolfing down bananas or gobbling up a trail mix (raisins, peanuts, granola and almonds), munch on the yummies to stay sharp and keep your steam going. Believe it or not, snacking adds to the fun of hiking!

3. Bring a First Aid Kit
Having a first aid kit with your outdoor tools is completely compulsory, should you suffer a knee scrape or a bum tum along the way. The nearest hospital or clinic might still be at a five-kilometer reach, so come prepared.

4. Team Up
While it's tempting to brave it out for some solo time in the wild, we are still all for safety in numbers. You don't have to be a gang of 12, but a party of two at least. Partner up with an adventurous ally or a forest ranger (book early) and take turns snapping photos or carrying those hefty water bottles!

5. Be Like Gretel
Dropping bread bits may not be necessary when you're in the company of a forest ranger (usually required), but eyeballing noticeable landmarks can help you retrace your steps in case you missed out on a great view or left something behind.

6. Watch It
It's very possible for you to lose track of time after hours of happy hiking. The fix: Wear a sturdy watch to time your pace so you can plan your exit before dark. The same watch should also have a digital compass built in to help co-pilot your path.

7. Make Noise
Carrying a whistle can prove useful in the event of an emergency. The noise will help call attention to you and your hiking buddies and also sound off neighboring rangers to come to your aid ASAP.

8. Plan Ahead
Adventure is good but a mapped out one is even better--and safer. Do a recon by inquiring about the trails with people who've already been there and done it. Ask them questions, borrow maps and while you're at it, check out their photos and websites for useful info.

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