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Utah is a hotspot for many different people who visit the area for varying reasons. Many tourists and adventurers visit Southern Utah to explore its rich store of wonders in the numerous National parks, canyons, hiking, biking and skiing trails. Brian Head Ski Resort is the most renowned skiing resort in Southern Utah.

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Brian Head Ski resort is a perfect spot for skiing and snowboarding expeditions in Utah for people with varying levels of skiing and snowboarding experience. It has an entire mountain dedicated to children and beginners in the art of skiing, to ensure that they do not venture into potentially dangerous grounds above their ability levels; these have been reserved for more experienced skiers. Beginner levels up to expert skiers have the option of signing up for an all day skiing package which includes morning and afternoon training lessons with professional skiing instructors in safe skiing terrains that best suit their ability levels and guts, coupled with rental equipment and an all day lift ticket. For those who feel the need for special training and attention, private or one on one skiing lessons could be offered at Brian Head Resort.

If you are planning a trip to Brian Head Resort, do not be afraid to include your kids in the skiing or snowboarding expedition. Brian Head has a state licensed daycare that can comfortably handle kids as young as 6 weeks up to 12 years, and give them a taste of the skiing experience. Well, there is nothing to worry about; your six week baby would not be on skis out there in the ice, but they would definitely have their share of the fun in the warm and fun environment Brian Head has to offer. The kids camp is a wonderful place for your kids to meet new friends while they learn and improve on their skiing and snowboarding skills. The kids of about 4-5 years are treated to tiny ski tracks to help them learn in a safe environment. Kids of about 3 years, with no previous skiing experience can benefit from Wee Skiing lessons on Saturdays and Holidays. The child instructors are well trained, and are sure to positively impact the lives of your kids in their skiing abilities, and also in boosting their self confidence.

Holiday camping is also available for teenagers who want to have a unique and safe skiing and snowboarding experience. However, reservations should be made 2 days in advance to ensure a guaranteed space in the camp.

At Brian Head, the fun goes beyond Skiing and skateboarding. Snow tubing is the one fun activity that require virtually no special skill or expertise, except the ability to enjoy floating down the six lane snow track at the Snow Tubing Park. The snow tubing arena has a surface lift that will take you back all way to the top of the lane in no time, to ensure that you get as much fun as you can, even when you have a time constraint. Snow Tubing is the one fun activity offered by Brian Head that all members of a family, or peers with varying levels of skateboarding and or skiing expertise can actually go heads on against one another in a race, while having fun at it.

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