Backpacking with Kids in Southern Utah

St. George & Surrounding Areas

Kids need to explore the wonders of the outdoors. They must experience a fun, healthy, amicable atmosphere where they can connect with nature and all the enthralment it offers. There are so many places to go backpacking with kids in southern Utah too. And one of the best ways to appreciate nature is through backpacking in a place like St George and Cedar City Utah.

The following are among the great tips you should consider when taking kids into the backcountry and how to make this experience more remarkable!

backpacking with kids in southern utah

Before Heading Out in the Woods

Subsequent practice makes perfect. Acquaint kids with long distance hike extending to almost two (2) hours a day in an area close to home. This way, their legs will be conditioned to real hike setting on trails. Also, it is necessary to take them on an initial half day hike on trails while carrying lightweight backpack with them. Gradually increase the weight of their backpack in succeeding practice trail hikes.
Start at a Younger Age. As early as three (3) years old, kids should be properly introduced to long distance walking and its importance. When this value is instilled in them from their early beginnings, they won't be long until they greatly appreciate backpacking adventure at the later stage.
Allow them to be in charge at a very young age. On your kids’ first hike, strongly encourage them that this is a hike and keep them excited. Persuade them to walk the whole time without being carried.
Encourage camping at home. For kids to get used with sleeping in an outside environment, simulate camping through building tents in the backyard or even inside the house and allow them to sleep in it overnight.
Be watchful. Observe how kids behave and react in the new atmosphere. From there, know how to adjust a new pace so that this activity could be fun and exciting but never an exhausting challenge for them. To avoid lapses on future tips, it is also a requirement to take down notes.
Be passionate. Be a role model to kids with enthusiastic approaches to such activity.
Let your kids engage in planning and decision making. Solicit ideas from your kids on issues concerning camping destinations and things to carry along with. Take serious attention on their ideas and suggestions.
Get company. Kids can easily bore without a companion of their age. Try to hike with another family that has kids and see the fun on their faces.
Know about fire prohibitions. Prior to heading the actual trail hike, check for fire restrictions in your area. Basically, campfires are not allowed in backcountry where there is high elevation. If so, inform your kids earlier and let them introduce how fascinating your stove works as the best alternative to real campfire setting.

In the Backcountry

First camp out. Choosing an area of not more than 2 miles from the trailhead, as this will make your campsite destination more favorable. In this case, You can easily go back whenever an emergency condition arises.
Listen to your kid's point of view. It is important to take your child's point of view and respect it. Your aim in going out in the trail is to let your kids appreciate the outdoor and enjoy. If something has caught their interests, try to consider their perspective as well.
Designate tasks. Allow your kids to carry lightweight items or kiddy sized packaging such as water, snacks, rain gear or sleeping bags. By allowing them to do so will not exhaust or discourage their journey.
While on the trail. While heading the trail, it would do a great journey if you allow kids on the middle while one adult on the front and another on the rear.
Assign designated chores. Encourage your kids to take part in camp chores. Ask them what chores they would manage well like keeping things organized. Also, it would fit them best to assign chores on how to care for nature because most kids are interested in this staff.
Have realistic expectations. Choose backpacking escapades which are not exhausting and tough for the kids. The risk of having a bad impression about the outdoors will be injected in their minds if the trip is greatly unpleasant that would take longer time to repeal.
Independence. Give your kids a little freedom to do what they want to. They feel so good about having self-sufficiency like handling them a bottle of water and let them decide when they want to drink.
Keep safe. Teach your children on how to be prepared during emergency situations. Equip them with whistle and teach them how to blow it when they get separated from you. Also, tie both light and whistle on their belt loops and give them easy access to headlight or flashlight.

Important Things that You Should Teach Your Kids

Navigation. Exploring the outdoors with the use of GPS receiver, map or compass is good way of introducing to them navigation gadgets. This could raise their awareness as to the importance of navigational skills in exploring the backcountry.
Trail Records. Make your trip much motivating by teaching kids significant or interesting stories about some trails along the way. You can access this information from ranger stations, trail guide or download some mobile apps. This in a way can add up to their learning.
Outdoor classroom. This is a great way to introduce your kids of a true outdoor learning. Cary either mobile apps or field guides so that you can help figure out to your kids a variety of rocks, flora, fauna, birds and other creatures along the way.
Wildlife. It is your responsibility to know the wildlife activity on the area you are about to visit. Gather information from the local tour guide or ranger. You also need to educate your kids on how to treat and respect wildlife as well as the proper precautions necessary.
Leave No Trace. This is one of the most important principles you should teach your kids. This would guide them on how to become responsible in caring the outdoors.

Benefits from Backpacking with Kids

  • What are the advantages that kids could acquire from backpacking activity:
  • Enhances self-reliance, independence and fulfillment.
  • Family bonding in a very remarkable setup.
  • Additional earning and positive perception of nature.
  • A good way to exercise and promote good health.
  • An escape from the hassles of urban living while inhaling fresh air from nature.
  • Have a nice backpacking trip with your kids!
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